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Gain powerful insights into your leadership style and your performance through attending the 'Effective Communication for Leaders' Workshop.'

This workshop will unpack how different people communicate and the strengths and challenges of different styles.



Register now for the 'Effective Communication for Leaders' Workshop

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Meet Your Coach


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My name is Claire and I’m delighted that you’re here.


I’m the founder of Claire White Coaching and Development and through our world class coaching training programs, I help people like you achieve your professional and personal goals and create the life you want.


Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your professional life, want to have more clarity and control over your business or develop your leadership skills, we’re here to help you be the leader you want to be.


I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another. I’m delighted that we’re connected and I look forward to how our journeys unfold...

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