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I'm Claire White and I am passionate about supporting people.

I have been supporting people through education, mentoring and coaching for over 14 years in a variety of organisations.

My career started in education, as a teacher and I quickly evolved to leadership.

I am dedicated to helping others lead with impact and find fulfilment through leading effectively.

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My Story

I have always loved helping others. Being one of eight children growing up on a farm in rural Victoria, Australia, I learnt what it means to work cooperatively with others and be productive.

My career started working in retail and taking on levels of responsibility and leadership roles within the university where I studied. 

I began my teaching career and quickly progressed to leadership roles where I learnt the challenges and rewards of leading others through experience, following others' examples and learning best practice.

I have always been passionate about wellbeing, believing people thrive when they are happy. My interests and study led me to undertake further study and acquire both a PostGraduate Certificate in Educational Intervention and a Masters in Learning Intervention specialising in Disability.

People describe me as positive, enthusiastic and passionate. This is true. However this natural way of being was deeply challenged when I encountered some major personal challenges in my life which led me to put everything into my leadership career and avoid my personal life. And it went down here from there.....

On the outside, everything looks great, inside I was struggling. I ended up burning out completely and I then began the journey of a lifetime to explore how to find true happiness and fulfilment regardless of the situation I was in.

I began studying and applying a diverse range of personal development and human behaviour, learning how to get my thinking working to achieve the results I wanted. I saw the results it was having in my life and as I continued to apply the principles I was learning I began sharing what I knew with others and found myself supporting others through coaching using a variety of personal development, human behaviour and leadership models and techniques.

I support leaders to find the balance in their personal and professional lives to achieve their goals and find the happiness and fulfilment they are seeking whilst still being extremely successful in their careers.

Claire White Coaching and Development exists to support leaders to thrive, to not burn out from stress but rather find the fulfilment they are seeking in their lives.

I value living a full life, being courageous and seeking the life you want.


Life is too short to settle for mediocre.

It can be done, I've proved it and so can you.

Here's to living your best life.

Claire :)


I would love to hear more about your story and what you are looking for to help you be exactly where you want to be.

Let's connect.

+61 408 564 260

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